No Fuss Fill Ready Rak ®

  • $49.50

  • The Ready Rak fits neatly in the fridge or freezer eliminating cross-contamination with human food because no one wants to discover their pup's food in their leftover lasagne!

     Pop your pup's favourite on the Lick mat *( fancy designs optional) and store them in the fridge for those moments when you both need a little calmness. 

    When that impromptu Zoom invite arrives and they ask you to switch on your camera it's useful to have something to hand to keep your pup occupied, whilst you adjust the camera so they can't see that you are wearing your PJ's - Pj's are great but PREP is king!

    Hygienically and conveniently store up to 4 Lick mats in your fridge or freezer.  Two slide-out shelves make it easy to access the mats when you need them.  Prepare in advance ready for when your dog needs them. 


    Fits Lick Mats up to 22.5 x 22.5cm

    *Please note this is NOT a dog toy 

    * Does not include Lick Mats - ordered separately 


    Care Instructions

    • Please hand wash with warm soapy water. We advise removing the two shelves before washing- these can be removed easily by sliding them out. Replace after washing. 

      We do not advise washing the Ready Rak in the dishwasher it will affect the appearance and reduce the product life

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