No Fuss Fill®

  • $38.50

The No Fuss Fill ® is the easy way to fill enrichment toys. 


  • Save Time 
  • Quick & easy 
  • No Mess 


Filling toys can be fiddly, messy and time-consuming. 


Designed and made in the UK the No Fuss Fill ® has been tried and tested by a team of dog owners. 


" A must-have for all dog owners that utilise enrichment activities"


"A device that makes your life easier  if you use a lot of enrichment toys with your dog"


"It even works with raw!" 


Simply load the No Fuss Fill ® with your pup's favourite food and quickly fill your toys. 


  • Patent-pending plunger designed to leave minimal residue in the barrel
  • Designed & made in the UK by dog lovers
  •  Non-Toxic food safe 

 Care Instructions : Dishwasher Safe

  • Directions for use :

    • Fill with your dog's favourite  enrichment toy filling
    • Slowly push the plunger releasing food into the toy 
    • The No Fuss Fill® has a patent-pending nozzle and plunger that leaves minimal residue in the barrel

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