Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Puzzle - level 1

  • $28.95

Improve Your Dogs Behaviour with the Dog Smart

In many cases, dogs may have anxiety or destructive behaviours, like chewing on house items or digging in carpet, because they're bored at home and don't have enough interactive toys that help occupy and challenge their minds. With the Dog Smart, you can help improve your dogs behaviour and redirect destructive habits to keep your dog mentally happy and healthy.


  • Beginner-level treat-hiding dog puzzle game with bone-shaped toppers/puzzle pieces
  • Holes on top of the bones to make it easier for your dog to pinpoint the treats
  • Bones can be elevated to make the game less challenging or flush with the board for more difficulty (encourages your dog to nudge and paw at the bones to reach the treats)
  • Helps combat boredom and reduce destructive behaviour and bad habits
  • Can be used as a slow-feeding bowl for your dog to manage their portions
  • Level 1 Nina Ottosson dog puzzle thats ideal for a starters game
  • Great to use for entertainment or for training your pet for more difficult puzzles

Dimensions: Approx. 27cm (diameter), 3.5cm (height)

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